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Meet the LCOY HK Team

We have young members assisting in organising and coordinating the LCOY HK, their roles cover:

Photo of Carman


Carman is passionate about climate science, biodiversity and the natural environment. He has previously worked in environmental NGO’s in HK, and is currently working in green finance in London.

Photo of Carolyn 2


Carolyn is a Master’s graduate from King’s College London who specialised in social-economic and developmental research of emerging markets. With experiences working in multiple industries including telecommunication, banking, and non-governmental organisations she seeks to use her diverse industry knowledge and strong business acumen to promote sustainability and green finance in Hong Kong.

Photo of Cony Chan

Chan Chung Man, Cony

Cony is studying environmental science and engineering at City University of Hong Kong. She is highly interested in sustainability and climate change. She hopes to contribute to the environmental protection and education.

Photo of Hermia Chan

Hermia Chan

Hermia is studying Global Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Climate justice, environmental migrant and animal rights are where her interests lay.

Photo of Maggie

Chan Mei Ki, Maggie

Maggie has loved nature since childhood. She was inspired by her high school geography teacher to start concerning climate change. She established a social enterprise named WeFill, which promotes zero waste lifestyle. She is pursuing her master’s degree at Sustainable Resources Economics, Policy and Transitions at University College London.

Photo of Claire

Claire Cheng

Claire is a second-year undergraduate student majoring Geography at the London School of Economics and Political Studies. She is particularly interested in topics of the circular economy and environmental justice.

Photo of Thea

Cheung Chung Wai, Thea

Thea is concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet and committed to living in harmony with nature. She is currently studying an environmental master’s degree at Imperial College London, focusing on sustainable business and finance.

Photo of Natalie

Chung Sum Yue, Natalie

Natalie is the Co-Founder and Director of V’air Hong Kong. She was appointed by the Hong Kong Government as youth member at the Council for Sustainable Development, devising 2050 long-term decarbonisation strategy for Hong Kong. She is currently pursuing MPhil in Environmental Change and Management at University of Oxford.

Photo of Blaire Ho

Ho Tsz Ching, Blaire

Blaire is committed to promoting ecotourism and environmental education. She is studying geography and resource management at the Chinese university of Hong Kong.

Photo of Sammie Ip

Ip Sze Yu, Sammie

Sammie graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s degree in Earth System Science. She is currently working in an environmental NGO aiming to enhance public environmental consciousness.

Photo of Tina

Kwan Wing Ki, Tina

Tina majored in Environmental Science and Management at university. After graduating, he joined the local environmental NGO - CarbonCare InnoLab as the Programme Officer. She joined the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) as a Hong Kong observer in 2019. After returning to Hong Kong, she committed to promote the awareness on climate change to HK youth and found the Hong Kong Youth for Climate Action with a group of like-minded youths. She is also the Hong Kong ambassador of Virtual Island Summit 2020, and co-hosted the Summit with ambassadors from other islands, aiming to solve emerging global crises such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo of Charles Lam

Lam Tsz Kai, Charles

As a global environmentalist, Charles is committed to applying the green building and environmental engineering elements to construct urban sustainable development and zero carbon smart cities. He is currently working in construction field and studying in a Master of Science programme in Environmental Engineering and Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Photo of Sami

Sami Luk

Sami is a Geography and Resource Management student studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is a passionate environmentalist dedicated to climate change mitigation, sustainable development and environmental education. She hopes to raise youth awareness on climate crisis through LCOY, and call for action to bring about changes.

Photo of Rainbow Leung

Leung Wing Sum, Rainbow

Rainbow is a conservationist obsessed about ocean and sustainability. She is the founder and director of SOA Hong Kong- marine conservation organisation. She tied to the ocean since her childhood as she has the fishermen ancestry flowing in her blood. After she completed the Master of Conservation Biology in Australia, she came back to where she rooted and worked for various Local and international ENGOs. She has rich inter-discipline experience in science, social science and policy also fieldwork across Asia-Pacific. She believes a conservationist should put people and wildlife together, rather than just being a scientist.

Photo of Stella

Ngan Shan Shan, Stella

Stella has enrolled in an environmental conservation program in Secondary School. In that program, she realizes environmental resources are important and priceless. She is currently an Environmental Science and Engineering student studying at the City University of Hong Kong. She concerns about environmental change and sustainable development. She would like to devote herself to environmental education in the future in order to acknowledge the public the urgency of environmental conservation.

Photo of Hanna

Tsang Lau Han, Hanna

Hanna is currently studying in Energy Science and Engineering at City University of Hong Kong. She loves nature since she was a child. After studying geography in high school, she decided to put her efforts into nature. She wants to protect the environment and make the community a better place.

Photo of Vivian

Yau Ho Yan, Vivian

With a background in finance/accounting, Vivian did not act upon her passion for the environment until last summer, when she decided to pursue MSc Environmental Science & Management at HKUST. She is now doing research on corporate governance and climate action.