Tai O Hikeathon

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Tai O is not merely a place to go sightseeing during weekends. Very few people realise that Tai O is actually the community most affected by climate change in Hong Kong. As storm surges have repeatedly caused flooding to this low-lying coastal town, and as sea levels rise and extreme weather events become more frequent, there may come a day when beautiful Tai O becomes uninhabitable.

CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL) hosted two educational and fundraising hikes in West Lantau and Tai O. Participants of this climate discovery trip would walk from Keung Shan Country Trail to Tai O town centre. They learnt about the environmental issues and climate change impacts facing the Tai O Community through the educational checkpoints along the way and game booths at the endpoint in Tai O Town Hall.

Kerry Properties Limited was one of our event sponsors, offered 10 free quotas for disadvantaged youths, with all their event enrollment fee and sponsoring amount fully paid. We would be greatly appreciated if you support and join this Education Hike.

Event Highlights