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EnergyCare Community Action - Kwai Chung

EnergyCare Community Action - Kwai Chung aims at providing community education on climate change in the Kwai Chung district, to promote energy-saving and renewable energy. By working with a number of community organisations and NGOs that call “Low Carbon Community Partners”, “Low Carbon Community Leaders” will be recruited and trained to form the energy saving focus group in Kwai Chung.

Visits to sub-divided flats households in Kwai Chung will be carried out, to assist in the installation and replacement of low-carbon energy saving appliances, in order to improve the energy efficiency and living condition of households and improve their ability in coping with climate change. A climate justice community focus group will be formed by CCIL and local groups to organise education activities related to climate change and climate justice continuously in the district.

The programme is sponsored by the Partnerships for Community Development and CLP Power Hong Kong Limited.

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Enquiries: 3953 4585 (Ms. Glayds)

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