Corporate Engagement

CarbonCare InnoLab partners with corporations, institutions, associations and other groups to catalyse the climate action and help our climate partners be the change agent to achieve the goal of building a sustainable city in Hong Kong.

We offer wide range of engagement opportunity on climate change and sustainability with some examples below:

UN Climate Change Negotiations Game Icon

(1) UN Climate Change Negotiations Game

Global warming is an urgent issue. Can countries at different stages of development really work together to save Planet Earth?

This unique simulation game, highly popular during COP21 in Paris, will let participants experience the United Nations Climate Change Conference through role-playing and interactive computer modelling. Participants put themselves in senior officials’ shoes to experience the power politics during the negotiation process with other country delegates, and reflect on the far-reaching impacts of climate change.

Green Experiential Learning Workshop Icon

(2) Green Experiential Learning Workshop

Waste management is an urging issue in Hong Kong. The daily domestic waste generation rates per capita of Hong Kong is 1.36kg, doubling the rates of Tokyo. We need to develop a more sustainable living and responsible consumption pattern.

Tai O Climate Initiative Icon

(3) Tai O Climate Initiative

Tai O is one of the most climate-vulnerable community in Hong Kong, CCIL is working on raising awareness and defending climate threats among the community stake-holders and Hong Kong citizens.

EnergyCare Icon

(4) EnergyCare

The annual energy and water consumption are 41.74 billion kWh and 1.25 billion cubic metres, which is equivalent to the consumption of a European country. We can do more on resource conversation! With technology improvement, many devices can easily reduce 30% of energy and water.

To learn more about how CarbonCare InnoLab mobilise a low-carbon Hong Kong, please contact Dr. Alissa Tung, Programme Director at

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