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Past Event


CarbonCare InnoLab TreeCare Programme x CCC Kei Heep Secondary School

CarbonCare InnoLab held a virtual TreeCare Workshop on 6 September for the students from CCC Kei Heep Secondary School in order to inspire them to protect the environment. The activity is divided into two parts. We first introduce the current condition of renewable energy in Hong Kong, taking the Crossroads Foundation’s solar installation as an example. In Hong Kong, renewable energy accounts for only 1% of the total electricity supply. However, there are many potential resources for local renewable energy development. Given that many rooftop and outdoor areas are not fully utilized, together with sufficient sunlight, CarbonCare InnoLab would like to promote the universalization of relatively clean solar energy. Crossroads Foundation is equipped with more than 400 solar panels. It is estimated that their solar system can generate approximately 200,000 units of renewable energy a year, which is equal to the annual energy consumption of 43 households.

The Crossroads Foundation has planted different species of trees. We have selected Fan Palm, Chinese Banyan and Sweet Gum for everyone to know about. Needless to say, the short-nosed fruit bat, one of the mammals, lives in the palm leaves. We can see them in the urban area! The color of the leaves of Sweet Gum will change with the seasons. It will turn orange-red in the fall. Its fruit can be used for medicinal purposes after being dried, which is commonly known as "Lu Lu Tong", which has the effects of dispelling wind, dredging collaterals, and dehumidifying.

In the second half of the event, we invited the arborist, Ms. Mak, to share with the participants. Ms. Mak is an ISA certified arborist with working experience in arboriculture. During the event, Ms. Mak shared with the participants the qualifications to become an arborist and the daily work experience of the arborist. Participants also asked Ms. Mak many questions, such as the academic qualifications required to become an arboriculture, and the subjects that need to be studied, etc. This event allowed the participants to have a deeper understanding of the arboriculture industry, and it also made them more actively consider participating in this environmental protection industry!

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