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TreeCare Programme is an experience in which the participants will get the opportunity to learn and earn while helping improve the urban tree management system of our community. The programme will offer one-day field work to the youth on arboriculture training under the guidance of experienced arborists. This includes introduction of Old & Valuable Trees & Stone Wall Trees, its species, urban tree risk assessment technique and role-play as arborist.

Trees plays an essential role to improve the livability of our city and cool down the global warming. In typhoon Mangkhut, around 46,000 trees fell in which 11 were listed in the Register of Old and Valuable Trees, prompting concerns on the shortage of professional arborists and the absence of a centralised tree management system. CCIL aims to extend our sustainability programme to urban tree management and inspire the youth to pursue a green career path.

Thank you so much to UPS Foundation funding this programme.

Service Target: Primary & Secondary Students

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