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Past Event


CarbonCare Innolab “Hang Seng Low Carbon Future - SolarCare Programme: Tree Care Event”

On January 16, 2023, CarbonCare Innolab organized a TreeCare Programme activity for the Ng Yuk Secondary School. The activity aims to enhance participant’s understanding of tree conservation and allow them to experience the work of arborists, so as to understand the importance of trees to our city and global climate.

During the activity, the arborists taught the participants how to distinguish different types of trees and shared with them the common tree species in Hong Kong. Participants also had the opportunity to touch the logs and learn how to distinguish the different varieties from the rind. Furthermore, arborists also taught what equipment and skills are needed for tree climbing. In addition, arborists also shared and demonstrated their daily work, such as how to record tree data, so that participants could better understand the profession of arborists.

At the end of the event, the arborist led the participants to reflect on the relationship between people and nature especially for the trees, and the participants also visited the exhibition panels on climate justice and global warming. The participants all understood the symbiotic relationship between people and trees. Although trees are everywhere in the cities we live in, we tend to cut them down for development, ignoring the importance of trees in regulating urban climate and controlling global warming. Through the activity, participants will understand the importance of tree conservation and promote the concept of cherishing trees to those around them.

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