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Hang Seng Low Carbon Future: SolarCare Programme

Funded by Hang Seng Bank, the “Hang Seng Low Carbon Future- SolarCare Programme” is an exciting initiative that links renewable energy production with youth environmental education in an innovative and sustainable way. The Programme is part of the two organisations’ e¬fforts to help tackle climate change.

This innovative programme involves the installation of solar panels at local NGOs, and will earn annual rebates under the Hong Kong Government’s Feed-inTariff¬ Scheme, extending the impact of the original donation and generating a positive ripple eff¬ect for the years to come. The rebate money will directly reduce carbon emissions and provide long-term funding for an environmental education programme to inform and inspire young people on the issue of climate change.

CCIL would also partner with the NGOs to organise youth climate education programmes that encourage young people to facilitate collective e¬orts and spark new ideas for climate action.

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A Guide to the Solar PV System: Breakthrough Youth Village
Please download the Guide to the Solar PV System

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