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【Solar Consultation Dialogue】Royal Ascot Session (Online)

Date: 27 January 2021(Wed)
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Online
Speaker: Programme Engineer from CarbonCare InnoLab
Language: Cantonese

Aiming to encourage the development of renewable energy, Hong Kong government launched Feed-in-Tariff(FiT) Scheme in October 2018. From then till the end of year 2033, the two electric companies in Hong Kong would purchase electricity generated by the grid-connected renewable energy power systems of customers at a rate higher than the market rate. This would greatly shorten the payback period of investment, increasing movitation for communities to invest in solar energy. The aim is to reduce carbon emission, thus mitigate climate change.

Hong Kong has great potential on solar energy development, as an important method to mitigate climate change. At our Solar Consultation Dialogue, experienced engineer would share their experience on solar projects and answer your questions about application of FiT, installation, maintenance and so on. We would offer free consultation services for interested parties if needed.



Renewable energy and carbon reduction

Conditions for installing solar photovoltaic systems

Preparation for installation

Introduction to feed-in tariff and application procedures

How to calculate payback period

How to choose a contractor

How to repair and maintain

Successful case sharing


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