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CarbonCare InnoLab TreeCare Programme x SALEM-Immanuel Lutheran College
Date: February 4, 2020

CarbonCare InnoLab held its first TreeCare workshop on January 15, 2020. Nearly 20 volunteers and students from SALEM-Immanuel Lutheran College practiced tree health monitoring and tree risk assessment in Kowloon Park.

The workshop instructor Leon is an arborist with 16 years of arboriculture work experience. He is also the founder of the tree knowledge website "HK Tree". He shared the daily work of the arborist to the participants and taught the steps and methods of tree risk assessment. For example, when tilt of the tree body and wrinkling of the bark are observed, a bamboo pole can be used to straighten the rope on both sides of the tree. Of course, the straightening force and angle need to be adjusted by an experienced arborist. After that, the students and volunteers were divided into 5 groups, and the health of the tree group were inspected at 5 designated locations.

Some students are very serious. They wrote and drew on the drawing board with various methods to deal with problem trees in the form of images. They are very creative! Leon went to different groups to observe and answer the students' questions.

After the assessment was completed, the students and volunteers regrouped again and announced the findings of each group, such as the finding of dead branches and leaning trees. Leon listened carefully and analyzed the answer from the perspective of an arborist.

CarbonCare InnoLab hopes that through the TreeCare programme, students will be able to open up the possibility of career planning, and at the same time let more people understand that trees are closely related to the environment, and protecting trees can effectively deal with climate change.

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