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Climate Fresk X Pooi To Middle School

Climate change is a major crisis we are facing, but the related knowledge is extensive, covering various fields such as geography, chemistry, biology, and social sciences. The causes and impacts are often interrelated. The "Climate Fresk" game, introduced from France, uses an interesting method to help everyone easily understand how human behavior contributes to the climate crisis.

On that day, nearly 30 students participated. We divided the students into groups and assigned each group a set of cards describing the causes and impacts of climate change for them to sort. Then, we added more cards in each round to make the game more challenging. Throughout the process, students could learn scientific knowledge about climate change. At the end of the game, we asked the students to come up with names for their card combinations. Some groups had names that conveyed the idea that humans are responsible for the negative outcomes they face due to their own actions. One group named their card "Clearly, it's not summer, but I feel the heat.", from the lyrics of Eason Chan's song.

We hope that besides realising the consequences of human actions on the environment, they will also contribute to mitigating climate change and prevent the "ending of the story" depicted by their card combinations from happening.

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