Tai O Community Campaign

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Identifying Tai O as the most climate-vulnerable community in Hong Kong, CCIL is working on two projects to raise awareness and defense of climate threats among the community stake-holders and Hong Kong citizens.

Tai O x Climate Citizenship Education Scheme

Uses the example of Tai O – a community most affected by climate change in Hong Kong, to enable students to understand how climate change affects Hong Kong society, and encourages them to participate in local actions addressing climate change and to become citizens with awareness of climate change.

To learn more about Tai O x Climate Citizenship Education Scheme, please visit http://taiocces.mystrikingly.com/ (Chinese only)

Tai O Community Campaign on Disaster Resilience

Collaborated with Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute, CCIL carried out workshops and community engagement activities in Tai O, to get the local NGOs and residents to assess the community's climate vulnerability and its resilience capacity.

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