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SolarVisit – Shek Pik Reservoir Online Tour

A virtual SolarVisit tour was held under The Jockey Club Solarcare Programme. Participants had a chance to view closely and learn about the floating solar energy system through the Internet.

On 20 July, CarbonCare InnoLab led 14 participants to explore the solar power system at Shek Pik Reservoir via online conferencing software. Under the comprehensive touring by Mr. Clement Leung, the previous head of the Mechanical and Electrical (Projects) Division in the Water Supplies Department, the group had an opportunity to visit restricted zones and took a closer look at the floating solar energy system. In this solar energy system tour, participants are not only introduced to the operating floating panel system there but also learned about its advantages and the global trend of sustainable energy developments. Participants had a tour of the infrastructures behind the system and learned about its design and technical features. Mr. Leung also discussed the possibility to expand the floating solar panel system to all reservoirs in Hong Kong and the positive impacts on the ecosystem of doing so. All in all, not only does the floating solar panels reduce evaporation of water reserve and control the growth of algae, but they also play an important role in protecting water resources and reducing carbon emission, which ultimately slows down the global challenge of climate change.

In the second half of the event, Mr. Leung answered questions raised by the participants, including the comparison of cost between floating solar system and normal solar system. Some participants asked about whether every reservoir in Hong Kong is suitable for installing a floating solar system and the maintenance fee of the floating solar panels. In the end, the speaker restated how beneficial is solar power system and the contribution of sustainable energy to decreasing carbon footprint across the globe.

CarbonCare InnoLab will continue to hold different SolarVisit tours to raise public awareness of sustainable energy. Please follow our Facebook page to keep updated with our future events.

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