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Solar InnoWorkshop x CCC Heep Woh College : DIY Solar Light Jar

CarbonCare InnoLab arranged a Solar InnoWorkshop on March 29 for the students of the CCC Heep Woh College to participate. In this workshop, tutor taught students how to draw and make solar-powered decorative lights with the theme of "Mandala". The basic mandala pattern is based on a small circle in the center, and then slowly spreads out layer by layer to form a symmetrical design. The creation of mandala is a kind of art therapy, which is considered to have the function of adjusting the body and mind.

Under the demonstration of the tutor, students first draw a line with a line drawing pen. Some students show their creativity and use compasses to help draw a finer line. After all the students have completed the line drawing part, the tutor used the three glass pigments of red, yellow, and blue as the basic colors, and taught the students to mix more than two colors to create other colors, such as green and orange. Among them, some students paint in creative ways—after mixing the paint on the paper, they applied the paint onto the glass. At the end of the workshop, everyone created innovative and beautiful designs, combined with environmentally-friendly solar-powered lights, and 29 solar-powered decorative lights were finished!

The teacher in charge pointed out that after finishing the workshop, the students will officially leave for the Easter holiday. The entire workshop was carried out under the playing of the environmental song "Change is Now", as we hope that students and teachers participating in the activity can relax in the epidemic and the handcrafting process.

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