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The Second Session of the 4th Climate Advocacy Training for Youth (CATY)

The second session of the 4th CATY was held on 22th April 2023. This module is themed on “Local Youth Climate Movement and Climate Advocacy Campaign”. 

Starting off the lesson, members of EMPower and Re-Market, two community climate advocacy project groups of the 3rd CATY, were invited to share their past experiences and reflections on their projects. These experiences were encouraging and helped students visualise the possibility of local actions. Hermia Chan from NESS also shared her passion and how she became a youth group organizer. 

After that, Mr. Stanley Chu, a researcher at Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI), conducted a workshop on survey research method for us. He introduced the history of HKPORI and expounded on how to utilize public opinion research to implement climate advocacy effectively. Students practised planning a research design in the workshop.

By now, each group of students is paired up with two mentors for their projects, who are 1) Natalie Chung and Blaire Ho; 2) Mark Cheung and Hermia Chan; 3) Carly Leung and Jasmine Siu; and 4) Alfred Chang and Priscilla Lin. CCIL is glad to see students being proactive and beginning their project planning with mentors already. We look forward to witnessing the growth of the students and the development of the projects. 
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