Jockey Club SolarCare Programme

Jockey Club SolarCare Programme

Hong Kong Solar Energy initiative - CarbonCare InnoLab

Hong Kong solar energy programme is an active response to the FiT by advocating various low-cost and environmentally-friendly solar energy systems .

Solar Energy Hong Kong: Why It Is Important To Cut On Non-Renewable Resources And Start Investing On Solar Energy Systems?

Resources are used by humans daily. While some are renewable, most of them fall in the non-renewable resource category. Today, everything ranging from industrial requirements to individual requirements is dependent on non-renewable resources. As the name suggests, non-renewable resources cannot be replenished. That means once it’s over, it cannot be brought back and can take thousands of years to replenish.

Recently, the world has identified a huge problem, and that is the use of non-renewable resources. Not only will these resources get over, but they are causing damaging effects on the environment as well. All this discussion leads to the usage of renewable resources, and one of the biggest ones is solar energy in Hong Kong.

Why stop using non-renewable resources?

Some of the most common non-renewable resources include natural gas, oil, coal, uranium, etc. All these are created by nature, taking millions of years. Humans are using up all of it in just a few years by increasing their application in almost all sectors of life.

One of the biggest concerns about these resources is pollution and CO2 emission. Fossil fuels when burnt can emit harmful gases, which can cause issues like climate change and global warming.

Not only this, but non-renewable energy resources are also lowering in supply and the demand is ever increasing. This is causing tension between countries, governments, politics, economic injustice, etc. In the end, the consumers are made to pay more for the products.

Solar energy replacing fossil fuels

Organizations like CarbonCare InnoLab, are leading the change by creating awareness about solar energy. In simple words, solar energy in Hong Kong is the energy that you get from the sun. It is a never-ending resource of energy and the best thing is that every country and community can have an equal part of it.

Solar energy is slowly gaining popularity as many governments and industries are recognizing its benefits on a larger scale. It still has a long way to go when it comes to small-scale usage and application. This is where the organizations and programs innovating new and affordable systems of solar energy can help.

How can solar energy usage change the environment?

Using solar energy in Hong Kong can bring some large, beneficial effects on the environment, like:

Reduce emissions: Emissions are causing the environment to get polluted. Also, CO2 emission is causing air pollution, which can lead to respiratory issues.

Bring climate change: Using solar energy means fewer emissions and that will lower the heat trapped in the environment. This will help in reversing climate change.

Better health: Fossil fuels cause various health issues. Using solar energy will lower diseases and ailments and will help with having a longer life.

Save water: Either the world runs on fossil fuels or water (hydroelectric energy). This can cause a waste of water and can lead to an unbalanced ecosystem. Solar energy, on the other hand, will help this issue by saving water.

Using solar energy systems

Solar energy, when used by the majority, can bring big change to the environment. But that is a large-scale idea. But there are several benefits when solar energy in Hong Kong is used in smaller scales like at the office, homes, industries, etc.

Play a big part in making the greener world a reality

Pay lesser utility bills

Get governmental incentives for using solar energy

Solar energy is helpful during major blackouts and disasters that can lead to loss of power

Increase property value

Make the air cleaner around the house and in the community

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Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club SolarCare Programme aspires to develop a community service platform that accelerates the application of solar energy within the local community. The programme believes by connecting various stakeholders like green groups, NGOs, government departments, power companies, and renewable energy experts to the general public, Hong Kong would be one step closer to the global level of renewable energy development to build a Zero Carbon Hong Kong in the near future.

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JC SolarCare Model

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