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Carboncare InnoLab “Kwai Chung Energy Care Community Action” - Group 5 Phase 2&3 Visit - Changing LED Lighting Activity

CarbonCare InnoLab conducted "Energy Care Community Action - Kwai Chung '' programme aiming at the community to practice climate adjustment and climate justice, and build a community with high climate resilience. Kwai Chung District is our first community goal. It is hoped that in the future, other areas of Hong Kong can be developed to promote low-carbon life and practice climate justice. The service targets are subdivided households and elderly people living alone. We hope that more people in need will be benefited when the project develops more mature.

In the previous visit, we measured the environmental data of the elderlies living alone. For instance, the light intensity of the light tube and the temperature in the house etc. We have understood more about the environmental situation as well as the light bulb and light tube in their house. Carbon care Innolab underwent the group 5 phase 2&3 visit for the elderlies living in the subdivided unit and living alone to provide the service of changing the LED lighting. We have changed the LEd light bulb and light tube for the elderlies living alone and shared the energy efficiency of using LED lights with them. We also described the process of recycling traditional light bulbs and light tubes in Green Community, thereby promoting environmental protection concepts such as low-carbon living and waste reduction and recycling.

By changing the LED light bulbs and light tubes, the residence of the elderly living alone becomes brighter. We also conducted the phase 3 visit at the same time and collected the environmental data of the LED light bulbs and light tubes. We tested the luminosity and compared it with the data collected before. The result shows that LED lights are more brighter and durable than traditional lights and be able to reduce the electricity bill for the residents living in the subdivided flats and living alone, which greatly enhance the energy efficiency. It helps understand the impact of climate change on the living environment of subdivided flat households and elderlies living alone and helps to improve their living environment. 







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