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Peak Re Climate Action Campaign: SDG Game

Peak Reinsurance (Peak Re) is taking a bold step towards environmental sustainability as they partner with CCIL for a 2-year climate action campaign programme. This initiative comes as part of their 10th-anniversary celebration, and it seeks to mobilise their employees towards taking conscious steps to protect the environment. CCIL, in turn, commends Peak Re for their commitment to climate action and calls on other corporations to join hands in preserving the planet.  The first activity of the campaign is "Peak Re ESG Initiative Campaign", it was launched on 24 February 2023, CarbonCare InnoLab hosted a Climate Action Campaign for Peak Re, and the theme of this year's community day is the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event featured a unique and engaging activity - an SDG game - that allowed participants to learn about the 17 SDGs in a fun and interactive way. The SDG game was designed to simulate real-world scenarios and challenges that relate to the SDGs. Participants were divided into small groups and given specific goal cards, along with money and time cards. They had to work together, communicate, and trade with other groups to achieve their goals and develop the world. Every decision they made had an impact on the simulated world.

The game allowed participants to understand the relationship between the environment and themselves, the reasons that cause climate change, and the methods to slow down climate change. It also encouraged low-carbon lifestyle choices and demonstrated the importance of sustainable development. After the game, the facilitator led a reflection session where participants could reflect on their experiences, share insights and discuss the importance of the SDGs. The game was a great way to encourage participants to think critically about the challenges facing our planet and to learn about the solutions proposed by the SDGs.

The event was a resounding success, and the participants' feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Some of them expressed the "I can do it, I can make a difference" attitude after the game, while others were amazed that such a small action could contribute to such a significant impact on the earth. It embodies the belief that one's actions, no matter how small, can have a significant impact on the world around them. This attitude of empowerment is essential in promoting personal and collective responsibility towards achieving sustainable development. The participants expressed that by engaging with the SDG game in a thoughtful and reflective manner, they were able to envision possible outcomes in 2030. The SDGs were no longer just a slogan, but a reminder that the challenges they faced were surmountable and that by working together, they could create a tangible impact in the world. The SDG game encouraged them to reflect on their own beliefs and priorities and to broaden their perspectives beyond their own individual interests to consider the needs and perspectives of others, including issues of equality, social justice, and environmental degradation. The participants acknowledged that sustainable development goals could only be achieved through open conversations that emphasised people's well-being. They expressed a desire to connect with others to take synergistic actions and address unavoidable trade-offs, ensuring that all demands were being addressed and no one was left behind. They left feeling motivated and inspired to support the SDGs in their personal and professional lives. The SDG game was a powerful tool that effectively promoted awareness and understanding of the SDGs and provided an enjoyable and engaging way for participants to learn about sustainable development.

In essence, the SDG game is an excellent resource for corporates as it fosters teamwork and critical thinking, raises awareness of the SDGs and the significance of sustainability, and promotes employee engagement and motivation. By utilising the SDG game, corporates can make a positive impact on the environment, promote sustainability, and cultivate a robust and committed team. It is an effective approach for corporates to showcase their dedication to sustainability and encourage their employees to adopt eco-friendly habits both inside and outside the workplace.

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