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CarbonCare Innolab x Peak Re SDG Game

On February 24, 2023, CarbonCare InnoLab organized an annual employee community day for Peak Re and the theme of this year's community day is SDGs. In order to promote 17 SD goals and understand the relationship between the environment and itself, CCIL staff and co-facilitator hold an SDG game for Peak Re. Hope for Peak Re staff can understand the importance of 17 SDGs, the reason that causes climate change, and methods to slow down climate change.      

On the activity day, before the SDG game, an introduction for CCIL and effects caused by climate change. When the game started, Peak-Re staff were divided into small groups, each with a random goal card and a specific amount of money and time cards. The game simulated a real-world situation; they need to communicate and trade with different groups to achieve their goals and develop the world. Every project or step they made could change the simulated world. When the activity ended, the co-facilitator led the participants to observe the simulated world and had a reflection on it. Before the SDG games, Peak Re staff did not have much understanding of SD goals, we believe that the game can raise participants' awareness of climate change and have a deeper understanding of the 17 SD Goals and encourage them to join the low carbon lifestyle to defend against global warming.    

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