CCIL received Gold Award of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme


CarbonCare InnoLab(CCIL) is honoured to receive the Gold Award of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2020-2021. 

The Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme was organised by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited(HKIRC), co-organised by Office of Government Chief Information Officer, with Equal Opportunities Commission(EOC) as its independent advisor. The scheme encourages enterprises, organisations and individuals to adopt accessible web design, promotes web accessibility, hoping to achieve digital inclusion. In order to fulfill the requirement of Gold Award, our webpage met all 24 judging criteria for a website to provide better accessibility features, which includes providing meaningful text alternative for non-text contents, allowing all operations to be performed through a keyboard interface, making the website content easy to be used with assistive technologies, allowing text to be resized up to 200 percent without loss of content, providing sufficient colour contrast, etc. The Award Ceremony was held on 14 April 2021.

How to involve vulnerable groups including people with disabilities in climate emergencies as well as climate adaptation policy, and how to limit the impact to these groups is an important issue. CCIL is concerned about the realisation of climate justice and just transition, and strives to make our webpage equally accessible to all users, no matter their ability or environment. Climate change affects all mankind, and we need everyone’s involvement to fight this challenge. An accessible website allows us to mobilise more people and co-create a zero-carbon world without barriers.

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