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SolarVisit – Shek Pik Reservoir Online Tour

You may be familiar with the solar system, but have you ever seen solar panels floating on water? This idea sounds incredible, but not necessarily unreachable.

The floating solar power system in Shek Pik Reservoir on Lantau Island not only makes good use of Hong Kong's limited space combined with low-carbon clean energy power generation, but also helps to mitigate climate change while protecting water resources. This includes reducing water evaporation and controlling the growth of algae. Both quantity and quality of water are benefited, with water usage and carbon emission being further reduced. This beautiful view of boating on the lake has become a new attraction for taking photos. The Water Supplies Department also previously organized a photography competition and a roving exhibition for winning works to showcase the beauty of innovative technology and rural landscape.

If you want to see such a new and pioneering environmental design, please sign up for the free solar energy online guided tour organized by CarbonCare InnoLab! It will be conducted online, taking everyone to Shek Pik Reservoir. Expert Ir Clement LEUNG Man Hon will also introduce the power generation efficiency and other advantages of the floating photovoltaic panels(FVP). This tour aims to let you understand the application and specifications of renewable energy. Collaborate with us to mitigate climate change!

Speaker's Profile:

Ir Clement LEUNG Man Hon, received his BSc (Eng) degree from the University of Hong Kong in 1980 and is a chartered Electrical Engineer.  He joined the Water Supplies Department (WSD) in 1983 and was the head of the Mechanical and Electrical (Projects) Division before he retired in 2018.  He is keen on developing a number of innovative projects and some of those were related to renewable energy in nature.  The award-winning pioneer projects he has successfully delivered included the first-ever hydropower plant at Tuen Mun Water Treatment Works, the in-line hydropower harness devices for underground water pipelines and the pilot floating photovoltaic panels at two impounding reservoirs, etc.  He was enthusiastic in publicizing the application of renewable energy sources at press conferences, talks and seminars in Hong Kong, China and overseas. Clement is currently a part-time teacher at the HKU SPACE Community College as well as an active member of the WSD Volunteer Team.  To pursue sustainable initiatives in combating climate change issues, he has kindly taken up the role of an honorary technical advisor for the CarbonCare InnoLab.

Registration Form: ( (Registration deadline: 19/7/2021 12:00pm)

Date: 20th July, 2021 (Tuesday)

Time: 3-4pm

Location: Livestream

SolarVisit inspires people to go solar! The guided tour provides the opportunity to learn about different solar energy systems and/or solar farms in Hong Kong. Participants will be able to enhance their knowledge on renewable energy and see for themselves the power-generating mechanisms of the installed solar energy system.

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