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Solar InnoWorkshop X SKH St. Matthew's Primary School : DIY Solar Light Jar

The DIY Solar Light Jar Workshop was hosted at SKH St. Matthew's Primary School. The workshop had an entirely different vibe from the previous ones. Everyone mentioned how much they had enjoyed the session and was incredibly reluctant to leave with it. Our tutor in CarbonCare InnoLab delivered about the effects of climate change on people and the environment around the world. The primary school students were discovered to have a fundamental comprehension of climate change issues during the workshop. They raised their hands to respond actively and were able to converse freely with the tutors. The participants left this workshop with a deeper comprehension of climate change and climate justice. Since the participants in this workshop were primary students, it was inevitable that they might encounter some difficulty when creating the solar light jar which called for hand-eye coordination and control of the paint pen's strength. In order for the students to successfully paint their preferred patterns on the jar, the tutor and teachers helped each student personally at a time. Also, it is noticeable that the students assisted one another, shared their painting experiences with one another, and offered diverse viewpoints to one another during the process. The activities of the entire day took on a really harmonic tone, and joyful laughter spread throughout the entire workshop. Both the tutor and the students enjoyed a pleasant and unwinding morning. Everyone was reluctant to leave the session at the conclusion and wished the instructor could plan further activities.

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