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“Jockey Club Solar Care Programme” Briefing and Case Sharing

Date: 12 March, 2021 (Friday)
Time: 15:30-17:00
Venue: Dream Impact (Unit C, 4/F, 760 Cheung Sha Wan Rd, Lai Chi Kok) 
Guest Speakers (SolarCare Partners):
Ms Tsui Kwan-yin, Frankie- Chief Executive Officer, Fu Hong Society
Mr Nick Cotton- Executive Director, Outward Bound Hong Kong (OBHK)
Mr Ng Ka-yin- Senior Camp Manager, Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA)
Mr Ben Poon- NGO Liaison, Crossroads Foundation.

The Hong Kong Government announced the target of striving to achieve carbon neutrality in Hong Kong before 2050 in the latest Policy Address, and energy plays an important role in carbon reduction. In order to encourage the usage of renewable energy in Hong Kong, CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL) launched the “Jockey Club SolarCare Programme”, delivering professional on-grid solar energy system construction services to NGOs without capital installation cost and maintenance fee, at the same time, promoting the use of renewable energy in Hong Kong together. Partnered NGOs could get FiT rebates, and also get to promote renewable energy. We have already partnered with 10 SolarCare Partners and installed 2209 solar panels all over Hong Kong. The total system capacity reaches 870,000 Wp, with an estimated annual generation of 930,000 kWh, which means around 580,000 Kg CO2-e is reduced, approximately equals to planting 25,000 trees.

For NGOs with outdoor space, this is an opportunity to receive a stable and long-term financial support, which could help ease their financial pressure under the attack of the pandemic for over a year. In order to let these organisations learn more about the programme details, CCIL organised the "'Jockey Club SolarCare Programme' Briefing and Case Sharing” on 12 March in Dream Impact. Four representatives of the programme’s NGO partners were invited. They are Ms Tsui Kwan-yin, Frankie- Chief Executive Officer, Fu Hong Society; Mr Nick Cotton- Executive Director, Outward Bound Hong Kong (OBHK); Mr Ng Ka-yin- Senior Camp Manager, Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA) and Mr Ben Poon- NGO Liaison, Crossroads Foundation. Participants were from various NGO and schools. 

Mr Chong Chan Yau, Co-founder and CEO of CarbonCare InnoLab shared the background of this programme: Climate change is a threat faced by the whole world, we need to take immediate action. And renewable energy is the most effective way to fight climate change. During the sharing session by the SolarCare Partners, Mr Ng Ka-yin (Hong Kong Playground Association) and Mr Ben Poon (Crossroads Foundation) both stated that having similar philosophy with CCIL on environmental education is an important reason why they joined the programme. The Jockey Club Silvermine Bay Camp of HKPA originally had small scale environmental devices installed, and adding the solar system allow them to have a large-scale device for educational purposes. It brings them opportunities for environmental education collaboration with other parties. The solar chairs installed in their camp site is a good showcase of innovative solar application. These chairs are very popular and become a highlight of their campsite. Crossroads Foundation is planning to include environmental education elements in the global trail they are going to build. The solar systems installed on their rooftops allow them to make good use of their idle space, as well as adding to the credibility of their environmental education.  

Ms Tsui Kwan-yin shares Fu Hong Society’s journey of joining the programme. During the process of application to the government, CCIL helps them handle the technical type of questions from the government. In the past three months, they have already received more than $20,000 rebate, and they are going to use it on their service, especially the ones not covered by the government. Mr Nick Cotton (OBHK) said that the pandemic causes their income to decrease to 10% of their original income. This programme let them have a stable income for support, helping them to get through this difficult period. All four NGOs appreciate the support from CCIL on their application and installation procedure. Mr Ben Poon especially praised the contractor of their solar site, stating that the team is the most polite and friendly team they have encountered over the year, and their construction work affected their daily operation the least. Both Ben and Nick said that “there is no reason not to join (the programme)!”   

During the Q&A session, participants asked questions about their eligibility to join, the application procedure and the technical aspects of the programme. We wish this event could encourage more organisations to join. Together, we could make a difference to Hong Kong’s renewable energy development!

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