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The 5th Climate Advocacy Training for Youth (CATY) in full swing

The 5th Climate Advocacy Training for Youth (CATY) is in full swing! We are delighted to have 22 youths join us this year. In the first session, apart from getting to know each other, we discussed ideas and actions related to climate change, climate justice, and climate advocacy, aiming to fully prepare ourselves for climate advocacy actions. Through imagining Hong Kong in 2050, we strive to create a sustainable and resilient city for children, vulnerable communities, and the environment, encompassing green spaces, renewable energy, and a sharing economy. Through brainstorming and finding common ground, we collectively contemplate how climate action can turn imagination into reality. We believe that visionary action can change the world, and we emphasize the concept of climate justice and advocate for change in response to climate injustice.

In the second session, we primarily learned about climate negotiations, understanding international climate treaties and the process and mechanisms of climate negotiations. We also had an exchange with Kaisin, a youth negotiator from the Malaysian Youth Delegation, to learn about the role and skills of youth in climate negotiations. In addition, we conducted a simulation of the UN Climate Change Conference, allowing students to simulate the roles of representatives from different sectors, such as government, energy industry, environmental organizations, and the business sector. They engaged in strategy meetings from the perspectives of their represented sectors to negotiate outcomes that benefit their respective countries. They aimed to achieve the international goal of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5°C, advocate for the implementation of a $100 billion green climate fund, as well as balance and trade off among international interests, economic development, and environmental protection. Through role-playing, everyone had the opportunity to experience the process of climate negotiations and deepen their understanding of climate summits, enabling more effective promotion of climate justice.

Climate change affects all, but not all are affected equally! Despite adverse weather conditions, the third session of CATY fortunately proceeded smoothly. Our guest, Daffa from Indonesia, told us how extreme weather keeps 12.5 million girls out of school and shared their climate actions. Annabelle's insightful thoughts on YOUNGO widened our global perspective, while Mark's experiences showed us how his global exposure influences his local climate action. Climate action comes in all shapes and sizes, but our goal remains the same! We were also fortunate to invite Akari and Yuki from Climate Youth Japan, Jihye from Green Environment Youth Korea, and Yunfang from the Taiwan Youth Climate Alliance to join us and showcase their awesome initiatives with unique approaches-from global to local, and even circling back to global. They have proven that we are not alone and that continuity is key! 

Climate Change brought us together in unity! At CATY, we share a common passion for the climate, and even red rain couldn't stop our mentors from diving right into our lesson. Big shoutout to their commitment, demonstrating that CATY is committed to driving Hong Kong's climate action with continuity, boldness, and speed. The IPCC has already issued a "code red for humanity." It's time for us to dive in together, stepping up our efforts, and pursuing the most ambitious path forward.

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