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The Third Session of the 3rd Climate Advocacy Training for Youth (CATY)

After the first two online sessions, we were glad to greet our third CATY students in person. The third session of the 3rd CATY was successfully held on 7th May 2022 at Breakthrough Youth Village. This module is themed on “Local Youth Climate Movement and Climate Advocacy Campaign”. It aims to facilitate the group brainstorming and discussion of their community climate advocacy projects ,and inspire students to initiate their projects via different tools and reflections on the experience of the past projects. 

Commencing several ice-breaking games, students got to greet and understand each other more about their hobbies and interested climate topics. Next, students started forming groups and formulating the plans for their community climate advocacy projects by drawing empathy maps and contemplating the problem statement. It helped them to devise their community climate advocacy projects by identifying the problems, victims, targets and deciding their advocacy tactics and tools. 

After enjoying the lunch, members of Climate Sense and FoodEN, two community climate advocacy project groups of the 2nd CATY, were invited to share their past experiences and reflections on their projects. It helped students to map out their projects and inspired students to think big and dream bigger in terms of climate advocacy with solidarity. Also, Mr. Stanley Chu, a researcher at Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI), introduced the history of HKPORI and expounded on how to utilize public opinion research to implement climate advocacy effectively and how to compose objective questions for the research. After the lesson, each group of the community climate advocacy project will work with PORI to design public opinion research and advocate for climate actions.

Last but not least, students paired up with their mentors for their projects, including 1) Mr. Chong Chan-yau, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CCIL, 2) Ms. Natalie Chung, co-founder and director of V’air Hong Kong, 3) Ms. Priscilla Lin, member of community solar energy advocacy group Solmunity and 4) Ms. Carly Leung, member of food waste to energy advocacy group FoodEN. Students shared their initial thoughts and implementation plans of the projects and the mentor gave feedback on them and shared their past experience and insight into climate advocacy. Students will initiate and carry out their community climate advocacy projects in the upcoming 3 months under the guidance and enlightenment of the mentors.

CCIL is glad to see students demonstrate their passion and participate in the class actively. We look forward to witnessing the growth of the students and the development of the projects. 

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