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The Fourth Session of the 2nd Climate Advocacy Training for Youth (CATY) Was Successfully Held. Look Forward to the Outcomes of their Community Climate Advocacy Project

The fourth session of the 2nd CATY was successfully held on the 8th January at Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association, Ho Man Tin. This session is themed “Advocacy Skills: Persuasive Speech”. It aimed to equip students with the skills of persuasive speech to advocate for climate actions, thereby inspiring students how to effectuate their own community climate advocacy project.

This session started with group sharing of their community climate advocacy projects’ progress. Some of the groups shared their topics and the outlines of their action plans, including interviews with key stakeholders, social media campaigns, setting questions for public opinion research and so on. Groups also shared their experience between groups, for instance the strategies of inviting specific stakeholders to conduct interviews. It promoted the reflection, improvement and execution of their projects by facilitating learning between students and groups. 

In the next session, we invited the instructor to share persuasive speech skills with the students. The instructor explained what is an effective persuasive speech with the example of Bruce Lee, Queen Elizabeth and Swedish Activist Greta Thunberg. She also expounded how to do a persuasive speech by outlining the gist and key messages, identifying the background of the audience, managing facial expression and body language and the like. Afterward, students paired up to write a script of persuasive speech within 25 minutes and delivered their speech to promote climate actions. The instructor commented on their performance and provided constructive feedback to them for improvements. After hearing the comments, the groups were given 10 minutes to improve their speech and deliver it again. The instructor complimented on their improvements and pointed out something they have to work on which gave confidence to reinforce their persuasive speech skills. It also inspired students to apply the skills and feedback on a persuasive speech in climate advocacy. 

Time flies and four sessions of the 2nd CITY were finished. CarbonCare InnoLab wishes students know more about climate advocacy and how to implement climate advocacy campaigns. After the sessions, students will work on their community climate advocacy projects in the coming two months, and we could not wait to witness their growth and the projects’ outcomes.

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