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Photo of Prof Andrew Mak Photo of Ms Mayling Chan Photo of Mrs Rosita Swain Photo of Ir Lee Chi Ming

Prof Andrew Mak

Ms Mayling Chan

Mrs Rosita Swain

Ir Lee Chi Ming

Board Chairman




Photo of Mr Ringo Mak        

Mr Ringo Mak





Programme Advisor





Panel of Advisors

  Photo of Prof Dennis Leung Photo of Prof Michael Leung Photo of Prof Yang Hong-xing  

Ir Clement Leung

Prof Dennis Leung

Prof Michael Leung

Prof Yang Hong-xing

Mr Tony Ip

retired Chief E&M Engineer, Water Supplies Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong

School of Energy and Environment, The City University of Hong Kong

Department of Building Services Engineering,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Founder of Tony Ip Green Architect Limited


Photo of Chong Chan-yau Photo of Alissa Tung Photo of Gigi Lam Photo of Kylie Lai Photo of Ken Tai

Chong Chan-yau

Alissa Tung

Gigi Lam

Kylie Lai

Ken Tai

Co-founder and CEO

Programme Director

Programme Manager

Senior Programme Officer

Project Manager
Photo of Angus Fung Photo of Peter Huen Photo of Roy Chow    
Angus Fung Peter Huen

Roy Chow



Senior Programme Officer

Accounting and Administrative Officer

IT Officer




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