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Solar InnoWorkshop: Public DIY Solar Woodwatch Workshop

Featuring WoodWatchHK, CarbonCare Innolab organised the Solar Energy Innovation Workshop on 18 June 2022. The workshop provided hands-on opportunities for participants to transform waste wood pieces into customised wooden watches, thereby arousing their attention towards climate justice.

The workshop began with a 15-minute introduction to climate change and climate justice by the tutor of CarbonCare InnoLab. The participants were introduced to how renewable energy could be applied in their daily lives. The instructors from the WoodWatchHK then guided the participants through the procedures of assembling a wooden watch. The components of the watches were collected from fallen trees during a typhoon and replicated as wooden assemble pieces. We have also invited two KOLs, Ms. Yu Hok Sum and Mr. Chris Cheng, to join our DIY Woodwatch workshop. Following the clear instructions from the teachers, the participants were able to build their own customised wood watches using their favourite rim and watchband with the colours of their likings.

The teachers of WoodWatchHK have expressed their gratitude and appreciation towards the cooperativeness of the participants, who were able to complete the designated tasks in a short amount of time.

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