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Solar InnoWorkshop X Precious Blood Children's Village : DIY Solar Light Jar

This DIY Solar Light Jar InnoWorkshop is held at the Sisters of the Precious Blood's Children's Village on 14 January. All participants were delighted with the outcome and were unwilling to leave. The tutor in CarbonCare Innolab gave the girls residing in the children's village an explanation of climate change and climate justice on the day of the workshop. After this workshop, the girls became more aware of climate justice and some adaptation strategies, which sparks their interest in these issues.

The participants were split into two groups during the workshop. The younger girls were a little overwhelmed crafting the solar light jar as the task demands a certain extent of concentration and hand-eye coordination. Even so, they gave it their all, and with the enthusiastic assistance of their teachers and the young girls from the children's village, they were able to finish their paintings with creativity. They even took this chance to ask the tutor about their school works and studies. The activity room was filled with laughter. 

Everyone expressed their wish for more workshops to be done after the event, as the participants did not want the tutor to leave. Everyone said goodbye with reluctance and happiness.

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